Pharma Deko Plc | Sans cream soda pet in new bottle & cap
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Sans cream soda pet in new bottle & cap

Sans Cream Soda is a sugar-free, non-alcoholic, low calorie carbonated soft drink produced by Pharma Deko Plc. It is a healthy soft drink uniquely made to refresh and revitalize you. Whether on the go, at school, home or the office, Sans Cream Soda is your refreshing companion. It stands out because it contains no sugar; instead, it is made with a protein sweetener called aspartame. It is also flavoured with vanilla and produced under strict hygienic conditions which ensures that the required quality standards are met. Sans Cream Soda is available in 50cl PET bottles and can be purchased in all major markets, supermarkets and stores nationwide. It is best served chilled so feel free, feel different as you enjoy your refreshing Sans Cream Soda.

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