Pharma Deko Plc | About us
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Lines Of Business

The company is divided broadly into three (3) divisions.

Pharmaceutical Business Group

Our Pharma brands are divided into OTC brands and Ethical products. Under the OTC, Our cough and vitamins brands control more than 50% of the market share. These brands are Parkalin Pediatrics, Parkalin Chesty, Parkalin with Codeine, Vitacee Drops & Syrup, Pharmadec drops and syrups.

Other OTC brands include, Revitone Blood Tonic, Salins Liniment and Antasil tablets, Amoquin tablets, Garlic Tablets.

Our brands Brett mouthwash (Minty & Gold) are the dominant oral brands in the mouthwash category. Currently we are the only local manufacturers of suppositories in Nigeria and our brands, Phardol suppository and drops, Anuproct suppository (Plain and HC+) are leaders in the market.

Our prescription drugs include – Omepraz Capsules, Sparxin, Pidiclox dry powder & Capsules, Amycin Dry Powder & Capsules, Hexedene, Parkaprim Suspension & tablets.

Consumer Business Group

Our consumer brands are market leaders is the Non-Sugar based carbonated soft drink (CSD) market and enjoy more than 70% of this sub sector of the drinks markets.

We introduced the first locally canned drinks in Nigeria.

Contract Manufacturing Group

We engage in contract manufacturing and packaging of both pharmaceutical and fast moving consumer goods.

Our Core Values


Putting customer satisfaction at the center in all our activities, process, quality, and quantity at the right time and outputs. Meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of the customer


Promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promised. Delivering our values transparently, honestly & truthfully in all actions/activities Adherence to high moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character.


Commendation for achievement at all levels Appreciation of good work Acknowledging good results of the contribution and success of others at all times.


Meeting stated goals and objectives on time, with best use of resources at the least costs Focus on getting the best results against all obstacles and challenges Doing the right thing at the right time


Collaboration and cooperation in order to achieve common goal(s) Working harmoniously towards a common goal Putting the team achievement above your personal interest


New thinking, new ideas consistently looking for better ways and new ideas to improve our systems, processes, products, skills, capabilities that will save time, money, and reduce wastage


Respect Having consideration for the feelings, opinion, personal dignity and self-esteem of superiors, colleagues and subordinates Cultivate the culture of active listening to the views and opinion of others Refraining from injuring self-esteem of others by our actions, words and conducts Living all of our values Obey rules and regulations.